MassReplaceIt 3.1.2
The Ultimate Find and Replace Utility
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MassReplaceIt 3.1.2
For Mac OS X 10.7 and later
Released April 13, 2020

MassReplaceIt 2.9.1
For Mac OS X 10.3 - 10.6

New in Version 3.1
  • Support for dark mode
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

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Key Features
  • Search file contents or filenames
  • Preview changes
  • Save and reuse searches
  • Exclude files based on filter criteria
  • Detailed search results
  • Regular expression support
  • Undo changes from previous searches

MassReplaceIt is free to use, but if you find it useful please consider a donation to support continued development.

MassReplaceIt makes changing large numbers of files easy. Remove unwanted text from filenames. Replace text throughout a website. Number your files. MassReplaceIt can handle all your replacement needs.


MassReplaceIt makes even the most difficult searches fast and easy. Add as many files, perform as many search actions, and add as many search filters as you want in your search. For advanced users, regular expressions and macros mean that no search is too difficult.


Save your searches so that you can repeat them later. Or use a saved search as the basis for a future search with the same files or filters. Set your search as the default search so that it's ready for you whenever you open MassReplaceIt.

Peace of Mind

Not sure if your search is quite right? MassReplaceIt lets you preview changes before anything is changed. Choose to confirm individual changes while leaving others untouched.

Only realize later that something unexpected happened? MassReplaceIt can track changes in recent searches, so you can come back later to undo those changes provided you haven't since modified the files.

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Fantastic program, great flexibility with filename or contents replacing. It allows you to work out all features within seconds. 10 out of 10 from me.

Bob E